I am really out of shape - will I be able to do the workouts? 

Absolutely! Part of my job is making sure the workout is appropriate for you regardless of your fitness levels. I will make a plan that gradually increases to meet you goals. 

I have multiple injuries or limitations to exercise, is it smart to exercise and is there anything I can do?

There are always substitutions that you can do to avoid an injury or to make it easier.  We will also stretch and/or strengthen the muscles that are needed to relive as much pain and pressure as possible. 

Are all Personal Trainers the same? 

Absolutely not! You need to feel comfortable with me and also feel that I have what you need to meet your goals. If you don't see that in the first couple sessions, get a full refund with no hard feelings! 

What is the difference between a Holistic Nutritionist and a Registered Dietician?

The main difference is that Holistic Nutritionists use a more natural/holistic approach that is part of a comprehensive health and lifestyle plan.  A Registered dietician will mostly adhere to the dietary recommendations of Canada's food guide. 

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